KGOLD: Your Lifetime Companion

Our mission is simple:

to provide women everywhere with solid gold jewelry-pieces that evoke a sense of confidence as they put them on just before stepping into the world for another demanding day.

Dependable and lasting, our solid gold jewelry is something you can trust to endure a lifetime.

So, proudly declare, 'I only wear solid gold,' because you've earned it.

Our Pricing

At KGOLD, we pride ourselves on employing a unique pricing methodology designed to ensure fairness for you.

Our pricing approach is characterized by a commitment to offering pricing that avoids substantial markups.

Unlike establishments that factor in costs associated with aggressive marketing and the maintenance of lavish brick-and-mortar stores (this typically results in x8 to x10 markup), our focus is on delivering exceptional value directly to you (typically -50% to -60% of the price of traditional luxury brands).

We prioritize providing you with exquisite jewelry crafted from 14K solid gold at a more accessible and equitable price point.

Discover the KGOLD difference – where pricing integrity meets exceptional craftsmanship.

KGOLD's Story

A Message From KGOLD'S Creator.

KGOLD began as a dream.

After working in the fashion jewelry industry for many years, I began to harbor a dream that seemed unreachable at the time.

I dreamt of providing jewelry to my customers that would never lose its value, and could be cherished for a lifetime- pieces that are refined and timeless, so they could be worn all day, everyday.

I was able to realize my dream after I traveled to Korea, my home country.

In Korea, I discovered expert goldsmiths with years of experience, capable of crafting beautiful solid gold jewelry with exceptional craftsmanship.

Today, I am delighted to share with you our collection of beautiful, timeless essentials made with 14K solid gold.

Thank you for joining us on this journey, and we look forward to becoming your lifetime companion.

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