ever-lasting kgold

At KGOLD Jewelry, our mission is to embellish life's moments with beautiful gold jewelry that will last forever. We commit to creating exceptional 14k solid gold jewelry that empowers and inspires, forging a legacy of timeless beauty and value for all generations.


We have what you've been searching for:confidence-boosting, envy-inducing, perfect piece of solid gold jewelry that will add a touch of luxury.


There is only ethically sourced, high quality solid gold jewelry, handcrafted by talented goldsmiths with years of experience working in Seoul, Korea.


We said goodbye to traditional jewelry markup, and embraced radically transparent pricing that's fair to you.


We have no jewelry pieces in stock attracting dust;
Each jewelry piece is individually handcrafted just for you when you order.

Fair Pricing

Why settle for fake jewelry when you can have solid gold jewelry that will last forever? With our fair pricing, you can have what you truly deserve.